• Coronavirus (COVID-19) Announcements


    For Accredited information regarding prevention and treatment, please consult the Direct Website for the Center of Disease Control (CDC) for medical guidance:

    Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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    IF NEEDED FOR 2021/2022 School Year

    1. You must attend/be on time for every class or you will be marked absent/tardy as per Quinton Township Attendance Policy.

    2. Your video screen must be on at all times. 

    3. You must wear school appropriate clothing.

    4. Food or drinks are not permitted during virtual classes. 

    5. You must participate in class activities and discussions as directed by the teacher.

    6. Try to limit the background noise by finding a quiet place to work.

    7. Don’t bring toys or stuffed animals to the virtual classroom to eliminate distractions.

    8. Have your materials ready for the day.

    9. You must turn in your work on time.

    10. You are responsible for your own device and you will be financially responsible for any damages that may occur.

Last Modified on September 2, 2021