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    Quinton Township School District

    Mission Statement

    We, the collective members of the Quinton Township School and its community, aspire to provide every student with access to equal educational opportunities.

    In order to realize this mission, our teachers and staff pledge to serve as advocates who:                                   

    *provide a caring, safe, nurturing environment.

    *establish a challenging and diverse learning climate in which every student's needs are met, exceeded, and supported.

    *embrace high expectations that all children can flourish as successful learners.

    As a result of our advocacy, we aspire to develop students who:

    *demonstrate advanced proficiency in accordance with the Core Curriculum Content Standards.

    *are self-motivated life-long learners.

    *understand the perspective of others despite their differences.

    *exhibit mutual respect while collaborating to achieve a goal.

    *are empowered learners who can thrive in an ever-changing global society.

    This mission is embodied in the philosophy that school is not just about children; it encompasses families, parents, community, stakeholders, society, the environment and the world.