Camp Mason

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    • In the Spring of 2020, the 8th grade class will be going to Camp Mason, located in Hardwick, New Jersey, for a 3 day, 2 night environmental camping trip. Information will be sent home throughout the school year. The 8th graders will be involved in fundraising this trip. Approximately $12,000 needs to be raised in order for each student to go on the trip with no cost to their respective families.  We are planning to have another car wash, GAGA ball event, Joe Corbi fundraiser, and possibly a golf tournament  We thank you for all of your support for these upcoming events. This money does benefit the 8th grade trip, but remember that all of your children will eventually be 8th graders and will have the opportunity to go on this once in a life time trip. I would like to thank in advance all of the parents and staff who will be helping out with various activites. Without their help, this great event would not be able to take place.