Quinton, New Jersey 


    Stewart G. Potter



    September 9, 2011


    Dear Parents/Guardians:


    In order to help you understand the basic skills program at Quinton Township School, I have enclosed this letter along with the Title I Parent Involvement Policy for you to review. It is our goal to develop a partnership between you and the school to provide the best education possible for your child.


    The basic skills program at Quinton Township School offers your child a chance at a high quality education. Through our in-class support program, your child is given the educational support that he/she needs to have a successful educational experience.  In the PreK/K classes, the instructional aide works alongside the teacher throughout most of the day. Her job is to provide reinforcement of concepts taught in the classroom. In the primary classes, the instructional aide also reinforces concepts, but she is shared between two teachers. In the third through eighth grades, an in-class support teacher will come to the classroom to work with those students who are involved in the program, and will also provide support to any other students who may need it. By having an in-class support teacher or aide, your child does not need to be removed from the classroom for remediation, which results in missing regular instruction.


    Scores on the state assessment or standardized test determine eligibility for the Title I program. The state assessment is given in grades 3 (ASK 3), 4 (ASK 4), 5 (ASK 5), 6 (ASK 6), 7 (ASK 7), and 8 (GEPA). Generally, a score below 200 will place your child into the basic skills program. The standardized test taken at Quinton Township School in the kindergarten through second grade classrooms is the Terra Nova Test of Basic Skills. In order for your child to be placed in basic skills, he/she must score below the 35th percentile in the national norm.  Once placed in the program, you will receive notification from the school by a letter. We also send a student/parent/teacher agreement that encourages parental involvement and requires signatures from the teacher, student and parents.


    During the Home and School meeting at the end of the year we will discuss the program to encourage parental input. We feel it is important that you are involved in the educational process of your child and welcome any suggestions that you may have. Please make sure to fill out and return the survey that you will be getting in the spring which will allow us to evaluate our program. 





    Stewart G. Potter