• Thank you to everyone who auditioned! Casting the show was a VERY difficult process. If you were not cast, please consider joining the paint or stage crews (Grades 3-8). And please try again next year!

    Congratulations to the cast! You all really brought your "A" game!


    See you at rehearsal on Friday, January 24! Pickup time is 5:00 pm!


    Alex: Nate Thomas

    Marty: Dorian Asturrizaga

    Gloria: Avery Newkirk

    Melman: Anthony Bailey


    Skipper: Jordan Maldonado

    Kowalski: Sam Hassler

    Rico: Seymone Brewer

    Private: Macy Clow

    Penguins: Gabriella Maldonado, Shyla Parsons, Paityn Harrington, Israhias Cintron Rodriguez, Myshion Barnes


    King Julien: Ector Garcia

    Maurice: Imam Kamran

    Mort: Chase Mershon

    Lars: Samiyah Moore

    Lee: Abby Weatherby

    Lew: Alyvia Santiago

    Lynn: Makayla Hymer

    Lemurs: Xavier Sheridan, Aaron Brooks, Aidan Mason, Jaidan Mason


    Zookeeper Zelda: Tamya Driver

    Zookeeper Zeke: Jacob Puni

    Zookeeper Zoe: Kaela Nichols


    Candy Hammernose: Ryann Mulhorn

    News Reporter: Donaiyah Vertil

    Foosas: Jillian O'Boyle, Abigail O'Boyle, Evangeline Sperry, Elliana Norman, Jackson Hassler


    ** Additional ensemble assignments will be given at the first rehearsal

Madagascar Jr. Cast List